Pigs’ Disco charts documentary photographer Stuart Griffiths’ experiences in the Parachute Regiment, serving in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles, and features his photography, writing and illustrations. The book is about war, drug use, the pressures that face young men and the birth of the rave scene.
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A Selection of book covers

A Selection of book covers that features photographs by Stuart Griffiths
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ArtPhoto Magazine mixes the best of contemporary photography and old masters. But mainly we are interested in bringing you the work of emerging artists from around the world.
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Hanging Out With the ‘Friends of Hekate’

Legend has it that the 'Altar' tree in West Sussex was scene to recurring Black Magic rituals and Satan worship . . .
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90s rave. Army veterans. Brighton. The Church of SubGenius
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LIVES & WORKS (LAW) Magazine

LAW magazine (Lives & Works) dedicated two pages on Stuart Griffiths first book 'The Myth of the Airborne Warrior'
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SLEEK MAGAZINE goes to Peckham . . .

Sleek Magazine, based in Berlin wanted me to find out what is cool in Peckham . . .
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New British Magazine “Liverpool Gangs”

New British Magazine published an article titled 'Traveling Scousers' a story about Liverpool gangs by crime writer & investigative journalist Graham Johnson. I went along for the ride and took photographs . . .
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Independent On Sunday Review “Cover Story”

In 2008, the year which marked the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War; The Independent On Sunday 'New' Review ran a cover story of Stuart Griffiths portraits and interviews of British troops injured in the fighting.
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Dazed & Confused Magazine Spreads

A selection of spreads from the magazine "DAZED & CONFUSED".
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VICE Magazine Spreads

I've been shooting stuff for VICE for over a decade. Here is a selection of magazine spreads
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