Soldiers, drugs and raves in Stuart Griffiths’ superb new book

Posted by Rob Alderson It’s Nice That

 Monday 05 August 2013

Photographer Stuart Griffiths is best known for his work documenting the lives of British troops and as a former Paratrooper himself, it’s no surprise that he has such a nuanced understanding of the men and women who serve in the British Armed Forces. His newest book Pigs’ Disco brilliantly juxtaposes the grim and gritty reality of life as a British soldier stationed in Northern Ireland during the Troubles with images of the nascent rave scene and drug use in the British Army. What Stuart does so skillfully is reflect the strange dichotomy, which sees these soldiers as an impersonal collective unit on the one hand, and young, sometimes very fragile individuals on the other.

Pigs’ Disco published by Ditto Press is out now.





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